University Health System Go!Kids Challenge powered by San Antonio Sports

Run, Walk, Jump and Play 60 Minutes Every Day!

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), children should get an hour of physical activity every day. What type of activity?

  • Aerobic: 
    • Moderate:  hiking, skateboarding, bicycle riding, brisk walking, playing games that require catching and throwing (baseball, softball).
    • Vigorous:  running, jumping rope, martial arts like karate, basketball, swimming, tennis, gymnastics
  • Muscle-strengthening:
    • games like tug-of-war, modified push-ups, rope or tree climbing, sig-ups, swining on playground bars
  • Bone-strengthening:
    • hop-scotch, hopping, skipping, jumping, jumping rope, running, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, tennis.


For more information about the University Health System Go!Kids ChallengeTM, contact Mandy Adkins at 210.820.2125.