Valor Games Southwest 2013


Air Guns

  • There will be three divisions for air guns:  Open, SH2, and SH1.
  • There will be three events: 10M Air Pistol (Open and SH1) – 40 shots, 10M Air Rifle – Standing (Open, SH1, and SH2) - 40 shots, and 10M Air Rifle – Prone (Open, SH1, and SH2) – 40 shots
  • All events shall be fired at a distance of 10 meters


  • There will be two divisions: intermediate and advanced
  • Athletes in the advanced division must have their own equipment (bow and arrows) to compete. 
  • Athletes in the intermediate division are encouraged to bring their own equipment, but bows and arrows will be available if needed.


  • There will be three divisions: Upright, Handcycle, and Tandem.
  • Upright and Tandem competitors will complete 10 laps (10 miles) on a 1 mile course
  • Handcycle competitors will complete 8 laps (8 miles) on a 1 mile course
  • Loaner equipment is available when requested in advance, but we encourage competitors to bring their own equipment if they have personal ones they train with; we cannot guarantee the same brand and style.
  • Hosted by Ride to Recovery and Operation Comfort:,


  • Athletes will compete in a bench press
  • The bar will be loaded progressively, so once the first attempts are chosen by the athletes, it may only be changed 1 time, within 5 minutes of the start of competition.
  • A good lift is defined as: holding the bar in start position (above the pectoral area, motionless with elbows locked out) until the referee says "start". The bar shall move under control downward, touch the chest, pause and ascend controlled and held motionless at the top until the referee says "rack". At this point the spotter will assist the athlete to rack the bar.

Table Tennis

Boccia Ball

The grant funding for this program is awarded by the U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee,
through funding provided by Veterans Affairs. The grants are provided to facilitate the growth of
Paralympic sport programming for disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces.