Valor Games Southwest 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for the Valor Games Southwest?
We will open applications in July. You can find the application by clicking here.

Is it free to apply?

When I submit my application, does that mean I am registered in the games?
No, we will only be accepting a limited number of athletes. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of attending the games.

How will I get to San Antonio?
Athletes need to pay for and find their own way to San Antonio. Veterans who wish to attend the Valor Games and have an injury or illness that is Paralympic classifiable may apply for a travel grant through the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) Operation Rebound Program. Eligible veterans may download a CAF Operation Rebound grant application.

Where are we staying?
Athletes will be staying at the Marriott Plaza in downtown San Antonio.

Who will I be staying with?
Each athlete will be paired with another athlete to share a room. If you would like your own room, you will be required to pay for half of the room. For more information about rooming, please see our accommodations page.

What if my coach, family, or aide wants to come with me?
Athletes are more than welcome to bring family, a coach, or an aide. But you will either have to pay for half of your room if they will be sharing your room or they will have to pay for their own room at full price. Also, the discounted price is given only to competing athletes. For more information or if you have any questions email Ross Davis.

How will I get to the events?
We will be providing transportation from the hotel to the events at times specified on the schedule. If you miss the scheduled times, you will be responsible for your own transportation.

What events are there?
Competitions will be held in AirGuns, Archery, Boccia, Cycling, Table Tennis, and Power lifting.

How many events can I participate in?
Athletes are welcome to participate in all of the events!  

What if I do not have the appropriate equipment for the events I sign up for?
Athletes are encouraged to bring their own equipment, as we cannot guarantee that we have the same style you use at home. For athletes who do not have their own equipment we can provide the equipment to you.

How will I know when the events are?
Athletes will be given a schedule when they check-in for their events.

Do you need volunteers?
Volunteers are always welcome! It will take nearly 200 volunteers to help make this event happen. For information about volunteering, contact Tony Benke.

The grant funding for this program is awarded by the U.S. Paralympics, a division of the U.S. Olympic Committee,
through funding provided by Veterans Affairs. The grants are provided to facilitate the growth of
Paralympic sport programming for disabled Veterans and disabled members of the Armed Forces.