In 2006, City of San Antonio and Bexar County leaders asked San Antonio Sports to research the status of local sports and recreation facilities and present our recommendations. That strategic sports facility development plan, titled "Building a Healthier Tomorrow," outlined recommendations that would benefit the physical health of our families, meet the demand for athletic facilities in our fast-growing community and develop quality competitive venues that would attract economic-generating sporting events. Our assessment informed selection of the 13 facility projects for which voters overwhelmingly approved funding in the 2008 extension of the visitor tax. Today, those facilities like Mission Concepción Sports Park and Northside Swim Center are thriving.

We have accomplished much since 2006, but there is more to do. We have updated our "Building a Healthier Tomorrow" plan and invite you to offer feedback. This is a dynamic document, so it will change to reflect our community's needs. Click here to leave a comment.

You are also welcome to share it with others who care that we have the sports and recreation facilities to support a healthy quality of life for our citizens now and in the future. Let's continue the discuss about how we can build a healthier San Antonio, both physically and fiscally.

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